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Today I learnt how to use a defibrillator. Which is a very easy thing to do but you still need to go through 3 hours of easy going first aid review and defib basics from St John’s Ambulance. I just hope I never have to use one.

Then I popped back home for 90 minutes before driving back to work for our quarterly team meeting. While there I ate some of the snacks our manager had bought for us which included sausage rolls and brownies. They should keep me going though tonight’s TV of Mock The Week, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, 8 Out Of 10 Cats and other stuff to keep me going till 4am.

Later on I will do salad experiment #2. The first involved tuna, mayo, pasta, green leafy stuff (including rocket), light French dressing, peppers and cucumber. The last 2 are fairly new additions to my food groups and while yesterday I chopped them tonight I will try them out in my magic cubing slicer thingy. Tonight some of the previously mentioned foods with chicken and balsamic dressing from a spray can :)
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