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Baggus Annus 8

It’s that time again to commemorate the passing of another year here on LJ with the mostly copy and pastey styley.

Year 1 - 538 entries, 2,724 comments posted, 1,949 comments received.
Year 2 - 939 entries, 5,139 comments posted, 4,268 comments received.
Year 3 - 1310 entries, 6,642 comments posted, 5,658 comments received.
Year 4 – 1,683 entries, 8,435 comments posted, 6,899 comments received.
Year 5 – 2,027 entries, 9,435 comments posted, 7,860 comments received.
Year 6 – 2,480 entries, 10,310 comments posted, 9,805 comments received.
Year 7 – 2,668 entries, 10,767 comments posted, 9,288 comments received.
NOW – Year 8 - 2,875 entries, 11,129 comments posted, 9,725 comments received.

Journal entries: 207 which is up 19 from last year. It seems I’m becoming consistent.
Posted: 362 which is 95 less comments posted. The lowest again. Nubudy luvs me :P (or maybe its connected with the lower posts and the online presence of others).
Received: Well it says I’ve done 437 more but I think the whole things gone wonky or doesn’t count some anymore.

Maybe this year I’ll find myself kidnapped by a cave woman and unable to access LJ, or maybe my brain will be in a jar connected to the internet. Whatever happens I will try not to give this up and will always endeavour to read everything that’s written and reply to every comment.

Unt now de repeatery bit:
Live Journal is a base for my record of events, companion for my thoughts, guide to other minds, new entertainment channel, and a source of communication. It's also a place to make (hello) and hopefully keep (yo) extra friends.

Thank you to all who have stuck with me. Thanks for taking the time to read my words (even the ones that make sense :p) and understanding a little of who I am (or still trying to figure me out :p).

Here's to another year (and more) and to lasting friendships with people I've met and some I haven't (yet).

As is customary at this time of year may I give {*HUGS*} to each and every one of you and say "You bubnch uf arhses I wuv you arll. HIC!"

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