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The Musical Box : A Trick of the Tail

I had seen them perform their copy of the Selling England Buy The Pound tour a few times and The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway once. But now they went 2 years forward into Genesis history and the first album/tour not to feature Peter Gabriel and have Phil Collins step forward as a lead vocalist.

Playing the role of Phil was the guy who had previously been Peter. Luckily their vocal styles are fairly similar, but still it must have been tough to get out of the habit of how the song is usually sung.
The band were mostly in the same positions as before but The Mike Rutherford had been moved further inwards to make way for their temporary main drummer for that tour, which was non other than Bill Bruford. The Bill even had his demin overalls with the B on them. Apparently The Bill was The Phil on some previous tours.
But what about the drumming of The Phil. Well it didn’t occur to me until after the gig but it seems that while there was one person playing The Phil singing there was another who would secretly take his place to be The Phil drumming, which happened at every instrumental section opportunity. Both The Phils had big bushy beards :)
5 out of the 8 tracks on Trick were played including Robbery, Assault and Battery which had the original video with the real Phil Collins played on the backdrop and Squonk which is another of my faves from that album.
The vocals from where I was seemed a bit lost and if you didn’t know the words already (which I think most people there would have) then you might not be able to pick much out. They did seem to clear up a bit for the Lamb Lies Down medley and a few others.
Near the end they played one of their epics, the 22 minutes of Supper's Ready. One of the special effects for this involved a lot of dry ice being blasted onto the stage and then a green cone of light emitted from a 6-foot pole. Later on the angle of this cone changed and was also manually handled by The Phil. It looked very nice, almost like a hologram of a green clouded world.
The last song for The Phil Singing was I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) but The Phil drumming stayed on for Los Endos and the encore of It and Watcher of the Skies (abridged instrumental version).

It was cool to get 2 hours of 70s progressive vibe even if this meant some of the vocals weren’t as clear by some of today’s standards. But the music was top notch, often more of a soundscape than your plain old riffs and such, the double drumming moments were enjoyable too.

Set list:
Dance on A Volcano
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/Fly on a Windshield/Carpet Crawlers
The Cinema Show
Robbery, Assult and Battery
White Mountain
Firth of Fifth
Supper's Ready
I Know What I Like (in Your Wardrobe)
Los Endos
It/Watcher of the Skies (edit)
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