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Zoo. A christening (not ours as I’m hoping my kids don’t have one). Uncle 60th bday doo with band. A haircut. A 2 day rock festival without the kiddies. A surprise bday party.

Best album of recent times
A-HA - Cast In Steel (2015)
Halestorm – Reanimate 2.0: The Covers EP (2013)
Halestorm – Into The Wild Life (2015)
Billy Idol - Kings & Queens Of The Underground (2014)
Billy Sherwood – Divided By One (2015)
Take That – III (2014)
Ten - Isla de Muerta (2015)
Steven Wilson - Hand.Cannot.Erase (2015)
Yusef - Tell 'Em I'm Gone (2014)

Nice ones from Halestorm, Billy Idol, Ten, Steven Wilson.
But the great vocals of D.C. Cooper + great musicianship means Royal Hunt - Devil’s Dozen (2015) gets my vote.

Best album from ages past
Kate Bush – 50 Words For Snow (2011)

Gig of the Month
Hasse Froberg Musical Companion + Enchant Mon 12 Oct @ The Robin, Bilston
Rockingham Sat 24 Oct @ Rock City - Care Of Night / Vega / Last Autumns Dream / Electric Boys / Jim Peterik / Dan Reed Network / Gotthard
Rockingham Sun 25 Oct @ Rock City - Issa / Ammunition / Royal Hunt/ Stan Bush / Valentine / Giuffria / Dokken

Film on TV
All Cheerleaders Die
The Interview
Black Sea

Rewatched Film on TV

Top purchase
Bow window in the living room – I think Mrs B wants somewhere to put the Crimbo tree. - Good for Kel
Head torch – To see the rabbit poop outside. - Good for the rabbits
Annual pass for Tycross Zoo - Good for Ben
USB plug socket – No more need to swap plugs around. - Good for me

November has 3.5 days off work, 2 gigs and our first boy turning 2.
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