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Max teething and making us very tired, again. Baggy family illness then resurgence. Max walking. Ben being the nicest & naughtiest he’s ever been, good job he’s learning all those words and making us laugh.

Best album of recent times
Armstrong, Alexander Armstrong - A Year of Songs (2015)
A Thousand Horses – Southernality (2015)
Big Smo - Kuntry Livin' (2014)
Blood Red Saints – Speedway (2015)
Martina Edoff - Martina Edoff (2014) / Unity (2015)
Hand of Dimes - Hand of Dimes (ep) (2015)
Henley, Don Henley - Cass County (2015)
Charles Kelley - The Driver (2016)
Moore, Kip Moore - Wild Ones (2015)
Radioactive - F4UR (2015) – featuring vocals of Jimi Jamison, Fergie Frederikson, Jeff Paris
Rival Sons - Hollow Bones (2016)
David A. Saylor – Strength Of One (2014) / Built 2 Fight (2015)
Sunstorm - Edge of Tomorrow (2016) - JLT
Supersonic Blues Machine - West Of Flushing South Of Frisco (2016)
Kiefer Sutherland - Down in a Hole (2016)
Zakk Wylde - Book Of Shadows II (2016)

It’s a proggy finale. Karmakanic - DOT (2016) is nice but I think I preferred the previous album. Anderson/Stolt - Invention of Knowledge (2016) CD took a couple of listens to get used to but as with most Jon Anderson stuff it soon makes you fall in love with it (if you’re a Yes/Jon fan already of course)

Best album from ages past
Crash Diet - Generation Wild (2010)
Crazy Lixx - New Religion (2010)
Fortune - Fortune (1985)
Sir Christopher Lee – Charlemagne: The Omens of Death (2013) CD
David A. Saylor – Kiss Of Judas EP (2013) / City Of Angels (2012)
Steel Breeze - Steel Breeze (1982)
Steelheart - Good 2B Alive (2008)
The Storm - The Storm (1991 / The Eye Of The Storm (1995)
Tiles – Tiles (1994)
Valensia - Valensia (1993) / The Blue Album (2002)
Valentine – United (1995)

Another interesting Christopher Lee album & some nice old school AOR from Fortune & The Storm.
But it’s prog win month so it’s Tiles - Tiles (1994)

Best Best of album
The Osmonds - The Definitive Collection - Not proggy.

Gig of the Month
Nothing this month :o

Cinema film of the Month
Nothing this month :o

Film on TV
The Good Dinosaur
Ender’s Game
Hotel Transylvania 2
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
Daddy’s Home

Best action: Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation
Best comedy: Absolutely Anything - Especially poignant as it was one of Robin Williams last and could well be Terry Jones last film as writer and director, also maybe the last to feature 5 Monty Pythons.
Best odd indie film: Frank - The head of Frank Sidebottom but that’s all as it’s about an eccentric band lead by an eccentric man (Michael Fassbender with a Sidebottom head)

Best DVD bought
Severance is a funny English horror but I’ve fond memories of The People Under The Stairs

Top purchase
Father and Child Floor Lamp - Chrome - 179cm – I can control the living room lights from my sofa :)
Pillow and 4.5 tog bed cover – because sleep is good.

October has 3 days off, a beer fest day, 1 arena gig and a 3 day gig :)
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