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Ben getting very good at wee wee on potty (and also 1.5 poopoo).
Max saying quack!

Best album of recent times
Ailafar – No Limits (2015)
Blues Pills – Lady in Gold (2016)
The Dead Daisies - Make Some Noise (2016)
Evergrey - The Storm Within (2016)
Giraffe Tongue Orchestra – Broken Lines (2016) - prog featuring members of Alice In Chains, Masterdon, Mars Volta, Dethklok
Glass Hammer - The Breaking of the World (2015) / Valkyrie (2016)
Madness - Can't Touch Us Now (2016)
Hardline - Human Nature (2016)
Neal Morse - Morsefest (2014)
Royal Hunt – Cargo (2016)
Wild Rose – Hit n Run (2014) / 4 (2016)
Damian Wilson - Built for Fighting (2016)

Rick Astley - 50 (2016) has a certain charm to it.
But in more rocky land I’m liking:
CIRCA - Valley of the Windmill (2016)
Fates Warning - Theories Of Flight (2016)
Sonata Artica - The Ninth Hour (2016)

Best album from ages past
Wild Rose – Dangerous (2013) / Hit ‘n Run (2014)
Damian Wilson - Let's Start a Commune (2003)

Gig of the Month
Glenn Hughes + Living Color was cancelled :(

Cinema film of the Month
Doctor Strange

Film on TV
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
Martyrs (2015)
The Revenant

Best DVD bought
Blazing Saddles
The Descent
The Descent Part 2
The Time Travellers Wife

2 very different films Blazing Saddles, The Descent

Top purchase
Toys for Ben’s birthday

December has 7 days off work, 1 non musical gig and a Crimbo different to all the rest.
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