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A Party To Murder

The last of my Wednesday trips to the series of murder mystery plays the Theatre Royal has been putting on.
Five Americans attend a murder mystery night in an old country house somewhere in America. Their host for the night an English novelist who creates a murder mystery night for the wealthy every Halloween. The tune played before the play was amusingly (for me) the theme of the Halloween film.
The first of 4 acts started with the 6 ending their night of pretend sleuthing before chatting to each other about their true identities. Some of these discussions reveal potential hatred between certain people, a hatred that still simmers when they go off to bed. During the night a fierce storm keeps the guests awake and it’s when they are downstairs in their dressing gowns that a bloodied body is discovered. Which one of the remaining 5 did it?
The 3rd act has accusations flying around before poison helps the 5 become 4. The final act ups the pace and includes more deaths and the reveal of whodunit. But then there’s a remarkable twist followed by a turn of events that is both somewhat tragic yet comedic at the same time.
It was a good ending to a play that had plenty of humour throughout along with the necessary tense mystery thriller bits. The most amusing bit was when a plate was supposed to get shot off a wall and shatter on the floor, but it didn’t shatter. The one closest to it tried to stomp on it but still no luck, so the shooter quickly trotted over and bashed it with the gun.

As the actors lined up for their bows one of them announced that they were worried that it was payday and the producers might try and bump them off. Sure enough as they said their goodbyes one by one each fell to the floor as the poison took hold. The last thing I saw before a quick exit away from the audience of old people and students was a twitching leg of a new corpse.
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