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That closing ceremony for the Olympics was a bit good. I liked it when they let all the crazy athletes in to gurn down the BBC cameras :)

So it’s our turn next then. Luckily Boris Johnston didn’t fall over when waving the Olympic flag or say thanks Mr Miyagi. It was also good to see Mr Jimmy Page being one of the 3 British people on display. I wonder if the transforming bus they arrived on was made in China.
Oh, and Jackie Chan popping briefly into his pop career. Ace :)

The Bird’s Nest stadium is interesting but I think I’m a bigger fan of the National Aquatics Center, especially when it glows in the dark.

I think this week was the only time I was allowed to shout “Kick her in the face” at someone (even if they couldn’t hear me through the TV.

Now that they’re over the gold medal winners must now board a spaceship to fight alongside the Rylan Star League against the Ko-Dan Empire, then they come back home and search for the golden fleece :)
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