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Smart head

I did an experiment today. I visited the cinema on a bank holiday Monday. I went to the 11:30 showing of Get Smart. There was more people than usual there but I could still get my favourite seat with a good radius of no one near. I’m guessing most other cinema goers whose cars were waiting outside were watching U certificate films or Hellboy II.
I was a fan of the original Get Smart TV series when it was probably last shown here about 20 years ago. Knowledge of the old one helped in a few of the gags here and there but I don’t think it’s fully needed to enjoy this film anyway. Steve Carell rates highly with me and I think he made this film work brilliantly, having the lovely Anne Hathaway there too helped of course. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson and some old guy playing Max’s boss completed the action and comedy quartet. Good chucklesome comedy, good ooh action scenes, 110 minutes of entertainment for a bank holiday morning price of £6. Oh and a very small cameo of the face of Bill Murray :)

On TV I’m also liking Sorry, I've Got No Head ( It’s a sketch show on children’s telly, but the sketches on it are just as good as (or bad as) some on the other top ones around at the moment. Part of this is probably down to a cast which includes Mel Griedyc, Marcus Brigstocke, and that funny faced fella from We Are Klang. Best thing of all is The Fearsome Vikings who shriek in fear at the slightest thing. Makes me larf me sock off :)
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