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I’m a fan of nearly all of Guillermo del Toro’s work and loved the first Hellboy film so it was a must to see Hellboy II - The Golden Army. It’s the 2nd time both Ron Perlman and Luke Goss have both been in a GDT film, the first time being the most excellent Blade II. I thought Luke was good in that and I have to say I think he’s even better in this as the baddie who looks like an albino long haired rocker. Ron is of course Ron and lifts this as he does for most of the things he’s been in (Beauty & The Beast, City Of Lost Children, Blade II, and even Police Academy 7).
I wasn’t sure about the new character (Johann Krauss voiced by Seth MacFarlane from Family Guy) but he grew on me, especially after proving his worth in the team.
Great cinematography, great creatures both animatronics (the big troll guy called Wink) and CGI (‘orrible little “Tooth Fairies”), Selma Blair looking nice, and a decent 2-hour run time. The only negative aspect was that some of it was fairly predictable, but that’s ok when there’s enough unpredictability going on around the main story.
Really looking forward to him and another of my favourite directors Peter Jackson doing The Hobbit, even if I have to wait 3 years for it.
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