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I did half a day work and then went home for a bit of a kip before picking up W and driving up to Sheffield. The venue was called The Plug and I had never been there before so was nervous and exited to see if it was a good on or not. It turned out to be quite a nice place. It had a few separate rooms used for the mini nightclub afterwards. The room for gigs was mid sized and had a stage that might be one of the highest I’ve ever seen, which is good for short arses like me and most of the women there last night. The décor and loos were all pretty good quality too. Someone’s been looking after the place proper.

At the back of the room was a scrolling display giving the times that the bands were due to start and finish. First on the list was Little Lost David. He said he usually has a drummer but for tonight it was just him, his acoustic guitar and a bass drum. He played for 30 minutes in a style that very much fitted his stage name. A mix of folk, blues, and at some stages a bit Neil Youngish when his plugged in acoustic became electric. All of this was done with a pleasant voice that sometimes reminded me of Matt Bellamy from Muse.

It has been 10 years since Gomez released their first album Bring It On. It won the mercury Music Prize and came to my attention. I liked it immediately thanks to the cool 3 way shared melodic vocals and retro sounds.
To celebrate the 10 years the band performed the songs in album order which meant a lot of shuffling guitars and Tom Gray jumping between keyboard and guitar. Also on guitar were the 2 main vocalists of the band, the soft style of Ian Ball on the left and the wonderful gruff soulful lofty Ben Ottewell stage centre.
There are plenty of good tunes on Bring It On including Ian’s songs Whippin' Piccadilly and Get Myself Arrested. Tom’s songs 78 Stone Wobble Tom (which could almost be a Beck tune), Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone, and the short but pleasant Bubble Gum Years.
Best of all though are the Ben tunes whether they be the noisy ones like Rie's Wagon, the mid groovers of Get Miles, Free To Run or the fantastic mellow ones Make No Sound and Tijuana Lady which are simple acoustic but show off his brilliant voice that has the power to make people cry (not me).
After an hour of the old tunes they returned with 2 new songs and 2 recent ones.
I thought the band might be good live but they were even better than I had hoped. After 10 years they naturally bond well musically and manage to charm the audience with their collective sounds. Absolutely fantastic stuff and they now go on my list of bands that I would travel to see and book a day or half off work for :)

Set list
Bring It On:
Get Miles lyrics
Whippin' Piccadilly
Make No Sound
78 Stone Wobble
Tijuana Lady
Here Comes The Breeze
Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone
Get Myself Arrested
Free To Run
Bubble Gum Years
Rie's Wagon
The Comeback

See the World
Very Strange
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