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I did a whole lot of nothing over last weekend.
Then I did 4 night shifts at work with some naughty food being consume on each one (McDonalds, KFC,
Fish & Chips, Chicken Meat & Chips).

Friday I popped round to see a mate’s new pad before a night of rest and TV including the final of Big Brother.

Saturday I donned my fancy clothes (aka the suit) in order to attend a friends wedding. It started off in the early afternoon at Newstead Abbey which has ties with the ol’ kinky poet Lord Byron. The ceremony was in The Orangery and then in the gardens outside for photos. The weather just about held up with a downpour just as we got on the old London bus which was our transport to the evening doo. Thanks to the free wine we drank the upper deck were quite jolly by the time we got to the golf club.
We sat at our allotted seats and waited for the mystery 3 course meal. First up was minestrone soup which I thought I might not like but it was actually quite yummy. The main course was a beef dinner with peas, carrots, cauliflower, potatoes and a Yorkshire pud. It was really good, especially the beef which was very tender. Profiteroles and strawberries finished off the feeding along with some wine and champers for the toasts.
The disco then began, but as the adults were busy digesting it was taken over my the kids who were more about jumping on the lights than dancing to the jazzy music.
The evening turned to night and the drinks flowed, people mingles and chatted, some danced, and some even had a cigar :) Near the end of the night I even did a brief bit of boogieing myself when the rock tracks were brought out.
It was a good day even if I had to take my belt off which I blame on the 4 take outs rather than my calorie activities over the last 11 months since I last wore it ;P

Piccies there -->

Today I traveled to the small biker town of Matlock so I know I can get there with no fuss in 2 weeks when I’ll be attending a gig there. Hopefully next time I won’t have to drive through a lake to get there.
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