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Cinema day

Eden Lake
From some of the producers of The Descent comes a film about a nice couple who go to a secluded woodland lake area only to be hassled by a gang if unruly youth. Things get out of hand and the whole thing gets a bit more serious as they fight for their lives. It has some thrilling moments, some squirmy scenes with a touch of gore, and also some chilling shocks, especially near the conclusion. Some things are of course heightened for the film but others reflect the possibilities of every vile mannered youth you might have come across. Dangerous, unmoral, violent. A slightly disturbing film that had my attention throughout.

Pineapple Express
Another Apatow/Goldberg/Rogen film starring Seth Rogen. I enjoyed the other films so thought this one might follow suit. Some moments of this potheads on the run from drug boss killer and bad cop film are chucklsome (mostly the violence), but I never really felt anything for any of the characters (not like Superbad’s McLovin). It was ok, but could have been better.
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