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Best Of British Variety

I have vague memories of the acts last night in their heyday. Simple times with simple humour. No swearing, nothing really really clever. Probably why they can’t fully compete in today’s comedy, although they still have a place in our hearts and can still raise a good number of chuckles.

The compare for the night was Frank Carson. Now 81 and still telling those crackers, some of them quite amusing too. I had to listen hard to get though his accent at times, but on the whole he still sparkled.
Jimmy Cricket is only 62 years old. But the basic blueprint is still there with his L & R boots on the wrong feet and the rest of his dim Irishman character costume and persona. He even still reads out his recent letter from his Mammy and often utters his catchphrase “come 'ere, there’s more”. Some of his physical stuff was boring (apart from playing golf in quicksand) but I liked his verbal humour.
Music next from Brotherhood of Man . The current gang of 4 has roots going back 25 years and were the 4 that won the Eurovision song contest in 1976 with Save Your Kisses For Me. I didn’t know any of the other tunes (apart from the 2 brief songs from Grease) but they were jolly enough.
I thought The Krankies might be the cheesiest of the bunch and in a way I was right, but they also turned out to be the most amusing. This was probably due to them being a little more risqué (in a winky and boobies sort of way). Janette and husband Ian are now both 61 but still doing the act of young schoolboy and father with a lot of the gags coming from the blurring of fiction from the fact that she is actually a pensioner lady and married to her ‘Dad’ who makes her dress as a schoolboy.
Fandabidozi! :)
After the break it was the turn of 70 year old Paul Daniels. I thought this might be the drollest of the turns and to begin with it was. But then he did the trick of making grown men believe their chairs are electrocuting them or that they get stuck to them. All the while managing to do a trick that had a reveal of a £20 note in a nut in an egg in a lemon. Mixed with some humour it was actually good enough to keep everyone happy.
Ending it all were Cannon & Ball. The duo did their usual act of aufuing with each other which included Tommy (70) trying to perform a song but Bobby (64) interrupting him. There was even a strange moment when a woman was waving at them from the end of the front row who turned out to be a friend of Frank Carson’s who was off her face with the booze.

The whole thing was better than I thought it might be, and I might even see whoever is on the tour next year. I wonder if Little & Large are still able to do their thing (or Roger De Courcy, Bernie Clifton, Grumbleweeds).
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