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Thunder fiesta

It’s the weekend. Or my weekend anyway seeming as I spent the normal people’s weekend at a couple of gigs and also fitting in 30 hours of work.
So today I treated myself to a normal sleep and a trip to the cinema to see Tropic Thunder. I chuckled regularly, especially at any scene with Robert Downy Jnr. The Tom Cruise cameo was amusing too. Daft daft stuff. A brilliant Stiller film to join a list of many others.

I then went on the hunt to look at a car. I had an idea of what I wanted and found the location of 2 dealers. Without my sat nav I couldn’t find the first so headed towards the other. I initially went the wrong way but eventually found it. Just before I pulled into the Ford dealer I found myself driving behind the same car I was considering getting, it was the colour I was thinking of too. A sign? The first car I was shown was bang on my proposed budget but in silver and a diesel. A deeper look into the database brought up a 3 year one in tonic blue or a 1.5 year one in jean blue both with about the same mileage and both about the same price. I opted for the younger one and gave my £50 for them to temporarily take it off the sales list and get it for me to look at tomorrow. If I don’t like it I get my money back, if I do then I’ll set things in motion. I’m thinking I will probably like it though.
It’s been 7 years since I last bought a car so can’t remember exactly what I fully need to do, but I’m sure the man will sort me out ok. It’s one of lifes big buys so I want to get it right. I keep thinking there’s something I’m missing but it’s probably just nerves. Brmm! Brmm!
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