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The Moody Blues

(words postponed from Saturday due to e(vil)mail probs)
It’s been 2 years since I last saw the band and the line up remains the same. 3 of the classic Moodies joined by an additional drummer, 2 keyboard players (one female) and a lovely lady on flute, guitar, tambourine, backing vocals and whatever else she could get her hands on.
This is a good line up for the songs on offer as they add some youthful energy, but then again John Lodge & Justin Haywood might not leap around the stage but can still rock it up sometimes.
Most of the songs played came from their first classic era between ‘67 and ’72. These songs have stood the test of time well and still sound vibrant. It can be tough to figure out what era some of the later songs fit into as some have a reto sound. It’s a bit easier to spot the mid 80s tunes like I Know You’re Out There Somewhere, Other Side Of Life, and Your Wildest Dreams as they tend to have a more synth sound.
My faves in the first 45-minutes were Lovey To See You, Tuesday Afternoon, The Voice (from Long Distance Voyager, an album that impressed me) and The Story In Your Eyes.
After the break they continued the journey through their career adding up to 90 minutes of top tunes. In the final 5 Are You Sitting Comfortably? was very nice and mellow, and then the crowd got to their feet for I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band). The guy next to me said ‘beat that’, and they did, Nights In White Satin, the MB tune.
Question bought the rock back and Ride My See Saw finished it off. Hard to believe it’s 40 years old.
While they’re still able to produce the goods like last night I shall continue to see them. Next time I’ll try to get on the left hand side, the chicky side ;) I tried this year but it had sold out really quickly and the only seat left was on the end of the front row. I could see all of John lodge’s wrinkles.

Set list
Lovely To See You 69
Tuesday Afternoon 67
Lean on Me (Tonight) 91
Voices In The Sky 68
Steppin' In a Slide Zone 78
The Voice 81
One More Time To Live 71
I Know You’re Out There Somewhere 86
The Story In Your Eyes71
Your Wildest Dreams 86
Isn’t Life Strange 72
Other Side Of Life 86
December Snow 03
Higher And Higher 69
Are You Sitting Comfortably? 69
I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band) 72
Nights In White Satin 67
Question 71
Ride My See Saw 68
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