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Billy Ocean

It’s probably my parents fault. Then again in the 80s you couldn’t help but know at least a few Billy Ocean tunes.
But first up was a lass named Rosanna Miller who sang 30 minutes of easy going jazzy soul tunes with her band of bassist, keyboardist and drummer.

After that there was a 50-minute wait which had me checking my emails, deleting messages, eating choccy ice cream, and watching the half filled concert hall start a where the hell is Billy clap.

Eventually the 11-piece band entered the stage. It included 4 back-up singers (one was his daughter), a drummer, a percussionist, two keyboardist, a bass player, a guitar player and a saxophonist.
Billy has naturally changed over his inactive years. He his know he proud owner of a gray beard and long grey dreadlocks. His voice though still has that nice warm quality, although at first did seem a little lost in the mix for openers Love Really Hurts Without You and Love On Delivery. Following these were a few I didn’t know but over the 1 hour 50 minutes there were plenty of tunes I did. The Colour Of Love, Red Light Spells Danger and Love Zone led into some of his mellow tunes Love Is Forever, The Long And Winding Road (Beatles cover), There'll Be Sad Songs and Suddenly. Most of the final 5 got the crowd up and dancing. These were Loverboy, Get Outta My Dreams (Get Into My Car), When The Going Gets Tough, Up Where We Belong and the one the loud dancing girls near me had been screaming for all night, Caribbean Queen.

Another easy going gig that I glad I witnessed.
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