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James Blunt

Support came from Teddy Thompson. I saw Teddy do a solo gig two years back. This time he had a 4 man band with him to add to his vocals and acoustic guitar. With this new change in his musical direction I think most of the dozen or so songs played came from his new album. It was a nice 45 minutes.

James Blunt gets a lot of flack. In a way I can see why as most of his songs do have a edge of depression about them and could be considered simple by some musicians. But 20 million albums sold means he’s doing something right and I just happen to quite like his albums.
Like Teddy he had 4 guys with him as he sang and mostly played acoustic guitar, on occasions he would take over piano duties from the piano/keyboard guy.
With 100 minutes to play with he performed all but 3 songs from his 2 albums. He even played a couple that weren’t even on these albums, these being Breathe and Love Love Love (from the reissue).
He might be considered pop, but I think he has more in common with some artists from the 70s. He even did a rather good cover of Slade’s Cuz I Luv You. During this James jumped from the stage to greet the fans who had left their seats and flocked to the front. Then he unexpectedly leapt over the barrier and made his was through the crowd to the rear of the arena and then back to a platform that raised up. He continued the song on the piano there and stayed for the next 3 songs I'll Take Everything, Goodbye My Lover and Annie. His big hit You’re Beautiful was played, beautifully, although No Bravery is beautiful too in its own melancholy way. James even jokes about how some of his songs come across. “Here’s a happy song”, he said in his posh voice, then “only kidding it’s a depressing one :)”.
The setting and lighting were nicely subtle yet effective (green lasers, oooh). I especially liked it when during Same Mistake as he sang ‘look at the stars beneath my feet’ the floor lit up with little stars. This was probably only witnessed by those sitting above him though like me in my side view of the stage position. The stars remained their for the encore and were joined by more stars for One of the Brightest Stars.
The gig was completed with a couple of lively songs So Long Jimmy and 1973.

It was nice seeing him in a smaller venue 3 years ago. But now with another bunch of songs under his belt it was even better, being near the front probably helped with that though. A good decent honest gig from an artist who I think is somewhat misrepresented in the media.

Set list:
I Really Want You
Carry You Home
Love Love Love
No Bravery
Give Me Some Love
Shine On
Out of My Mind
Cuz I Luv You
I'll Take Everything
Goodbye My Lover
You're Beautiful
Same Mistake
One of the Brightest Stars
So Long, Jimmy
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