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Chicken Chronicles

A double chicken day today with chicken pizza & chicken in white wine sauce with rice :)~

There was also a trip to the cinema to see Mutant Chronicles. I had to see it because it’s an 18 certificate, it’s in the future, and it’s got mutants. The certificate came from the high amount of slashing violence from the mutants who had big nasty sharp scythes instead of right arms. The future is so far into the future that it has become the past, and armies dressed like WWII soldiers fight using big machines run by steam power. Even the aircraft have someone shovelling the coal into the furnace. These kind of odd and quirky themes are scattered around the movie which is basically the journey of a band of heroes going to stop the thingy that turns people into mutants. It was a straightforward 110 minutes with plenty of possible plot holes & flights of fancy, but with enough action and blood to keep me happy.
Tags: chicken, cinema, food
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