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Dennis DeYoung
- Desert Moon (1984)
- Boomchild (1988)
- One Hundred Years From Now (2007) The ex-Styx keyboard & vocal man.
Deadsoul Tribe - A Lullaby For The Devil - Progressive metal from Austria. Including a flute every now and then.
Dodgy – The Collection 90s band famous for the hits Staying Out For The Summer & Good Enough.
Robert Downey Jr - The Futurist – Yes, him. One of his songs was on the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang soundtrack. Mellow, bluesy, jazzy, real.
Dream Theater – Systematic Chaos 20078 song, 2 at about 15 mins, 3 at about 10 mins and 3 about 6.
Nick Drake - Time of No Reply - Unreleased tracks from his career, including home recordings from 1967 and his final recording session in 1974.
Nick Drake – Family Tree – Home recordings before 1969
Doobie Brothers - Very Best Of (2CD)
The Dream Academy
- The Dream Academy - 1985
- Remembrance Days - 1987
- A Different Kind of Weather - 1991 – mellow trio famous for their song Life In A Northern Town produced by David Gilmour.
Dream Theater - Greatest Hit (... & 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs) - 2CDs of song I already have, but hey, it’s DT :)
Vinegar Joe - Vinegar Joe - Robert Palmer & Elkie Brooks in 1972.
Elvis Presley - 30 Number 1 Hits - thankyouverymuch lil paper boy.
Alan Parsons - The Essential Alan Parsons Project - 3CDs of his work from 1976-87.

Dnevnoi Dozor (Day Watch) – The concluding part of the 2 Russian films.
Nick Drake - A Skin Too Few - A dodgy DVD which includes the story of Nick shown on BBC4.
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