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Glen Campbell

I had heard of Glen Campbell and new he was a legend in country based music but wasn’t sure if he would be an doddering old man with an acoustic guitar. Then I saw him on Jools Holland and saw him and his band performing a cover of a Foo Fighters song. It was then I decided I should go and see him.

Due to work I was a little late getting to the Concert Hall but I only missed about 15 minutes and I’m thinking some of them might have been songs from his daughter Debby who also sang a couple of solo tunes during the main part along with some duets with her Dad.
The songs played switched between some Glen classics and the cover songs from his new album which included Sadly Beautiful - Paul Westerberg, Walls - Tom Petty (nice), All I Want Is You (U2), Time of Your Life - Green Day (which amused me when Glen asked the aging audience "Who here likes Green Day?"), Grow Old With Me - John Lennon, Times Like These - Foo Fighters, Jesus - Lou Reed.
Some of his own tracks I didn’t know but enjoyed (Highway Man, Southern Nights) and the 2 I did were nicely done, these being Wichita Lineman (last heard being played by Ben from Gomez in Matlock) and of course Rhinestone Cowboy (269269 on predictive text).
He may be a country legend but most of the songs played had a bit more about them, a bit of The Eagles in the music and sometimes a hint of David Gates from Bread in the pleasant vocals.
Not bad at all from a 72 year old. Nice!
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