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Wolverhampton, home of the Civic Hall that seems to attract some acts that other venues can not. Across the road from it is an evil car park that has you going up and down and round and round. Luckily one route I took led me to an area where no cars had found yet. I drove past most of the spaces to an area that was next to a one-way area which led to the exit. But once cars saw me there they started to drive in the out way. Viva la revolution.

I met Mr Dave inside and treated myself to a £1.50 can of coke.
A short time later and Uli Jon Roth and his band were on the stage. I was pleased to see that the vocalist with him was Mark Boals (Malsteen, Royal Hunt, many others). Mark was a little low in the mix to begin with but either it was sorted, or my ears sorted it for me. He was joined later by a lady called Liz Vandall (who looked a bit like Eric Martin from Mr Big) to create some nice sounds to compliment Uli’s transcendental sky guitar style. A good 50 minutes from the old German hippy and co.

From certain adverts we were led to believe that the Michael Schenker Group were to be playing, but the time was getting on so we concluded that maybe Michael had gone loopy again and his bit had been cancelled.

At 9pm the lights went out and the mighty Scorpions blasted onto the stage. The ages of the band members range from 41 to 60. Guitarist Rudolf Schenker and vocalist Klaus Meine being at the high end of the rage but still able to be rock stars.
They were on for a decent 1 hour 50 minutes and played songs from across the 4 decades including such classics as The Zoo, No Pain No Gain, Holiday, Another Piece Of Meat, Loving You Sunday Morning, Blackout, Big City Nights, Still Loving You, No One Like You, and He's a Woman She's a Man which along with a few other tunes included Uli Jon Roth who was a member of Scorpions in the mid 70s. As an extra treat a short time into the main event the guys were joined by another ex-member who was non other than Michael Schenker. Maybe there had been a mix up in the advertising or something else had happened to his band, but it was good to have our initial thoughts quashed as he looked healthy and played very well with his older brother and co. He even played one of his UFO songs - Doctor Doctor.
Rock You Like A Hurricane ended a good night of classic rock. The only down sides was that for a short while I had the human metronome standing in front of me, and the other was that they didn’t play Wind Of Change.
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