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Eye I Me Meat

Went to see Eagle Eye at the cinema yesterday. Mainly because Jonathon Ross said that it was a good film but had a bit of a ludicrous ending. I just had to see this ending for myself and was eager to find out just who the baddie was.

It was enjoyable in it’s various over the top action sequences, and the reveal of the baddie was unexpected.
Shyaaa Le beef boy person actor did his usual talking and running around and the pretty lady looked worried and also ran around a bit while being chased by Billy Bob Chocolate.
Silly but action packed, yes. Entertaining enough, enough.
Never trust a cop with a beard.

I’ve been trying to tidy the house properly (ie chucking out stuff not needed). I got though quite a bit but won’t have the time for another 2 weeks due to doing things like working plenty, partying, going to the cinema, catching up on TV, and going to a couple of all day gigs.
I got my mate’s wife to sew up some holes in my jacket last night in exchange for some food :) If you want a job doing well get the experts in :)

I had a steak last night. I don’t normally have big cow meat so I’m wondering if that’s why I’m a little tired today. I think I kept waking up with memories of dreams that involved software and hardware being installed on me.
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