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Firefest V – Day 1

Once again it was time to spend 10 hours in the company of some of the best melodic rock bands around. Many of them American and with this being their only UK show this year.

Talon - What better way to spend dinnertime but with some nice 2 guitar attack straight forward rock.

Loud and Clear were a bit of a step up. They had more of a punch in their music and a bit of comedic banter too from the vocalist in the brown cowboy hat. They did an a capella cover of the first bit of Bohemian Rhapsody and a version of Don’t Stop Believing to the tune of Enter Sandman. Cool.

Paul Laine is a Canadian who was the vocalist for Danger Danger for 10 years. But last night he was there to play the tracks off his 1990 album Stick It In Your Ear. Good stuff.

Valentine - I think I started waking up by 5pm and was treated to 60 minutes of this band whose vocalist sounds and looks a bit like Steve Perry of Journey.

Jeff Scott Soto has been a busy boy. He worked for a long time for Swedish band Talisman, also Axel Rudi Pell, Yngwie Malmsteen, and a tour with Journey. I think most of the songs played came from his solo albums and helped show what a great vocal performer he is and why he’s so much in demand, even Brian May said he wants to work with him someday if possible. Covers played included Crazy (Seal) and a big ol’ medley of songs based around Play That Funky Music. The entire thing was filmed for a DVD which I’m hoping will contain the moment when the oldboy roadietype guy removed his T-shirt for Jeff to sit on so he could play his strapless acoustic guitar while perched on an equipment case.

German band Pink Cream 69 have been going for about 20 years, for 14 of those they’ve been fronted by English vocalist David Readman. David has a good voice and the band create the perfect backdrop for it. An enjoyable hour especially the tracks from In10sity. A nice cover of The Police’s Sue Lawley, Salami, So Lonely too.

It was thought that last year would be the last ever Tyketto show ever. But they had such a good time that they’re back this year and will be back whenever they can. Although unfortunately the guitarist has other commitments but he was replaced by a Scott (Anthrax) Ian lookalike and the guitarist from lead vocalist Danny Vaughn’s solo band.
As previously they were absolutely brilliant. Danny is one of the best vocalists out there. They played most of the songs they played the year before ending of course with Forever Young.

Set list:
Lay Your Body Down
Rescue Me
Strength in Numbers
Nothing but Love
Walk on Fire
Big Wheels
Catch My Fall
Standing Alone
Burning Down Inside
Sail Away
Forever Young
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