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Firefest V – Day 2

It would really help if I had my ticket for the day with me when I left. But I didn’t so had to turn around mid journey and get it. Hence I missed the short set from Burn.

So the first of the day for me was David Readman. He had sang last night in Pink Cream 69 and now again with tracks from his first solo album. He sounded great and his band were good too, almost like his proper band but perhaps a tad less heavy.

Heat were a young band from Sweden and thus still think it’s the 1980’s, which is a good thing for rock and roll. They had a different vocalist to usual as their own is currently recovering from a heart operation. They also had extra help from Finnish singer Pekka Heino (Leverage, Brother Firetribe) who sang Whitesnake’s Fool For Your Loving, Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer and Journey’s Separate Ways with them.

When Rox Diamond came on the sound wasn’t quite right. Or maybe I was hungry. Whatever it was the 3 of us went to McDs for something resembling food. I did feel better when I returned for the last couple of songs.

From then on it was all good. Starting with Mitch Malloy. I’m impressed with the niceness of his albums and he presented the songs (mainly from his 1992 solo album) with just as much niceness. He did a nice job on a cover of Journey’s Stone In Love too.

It’s been 20 years since White Sister last performed together. They were one of the Hollywood hair metal bands in the 80s who have since gained cult status.
They played a fantastic set with tracks from their 2 albums. It was an added bonus to realise that they had 2 vocalists, one being that bassist and the other being the guy who also played the keytar. The 80s, hurrah!

Tall Stories released their debut album in 1991. Since then vocalist Steve Augeri spent some time in Tyketto and then a number of years in Journey. Now he’s back with Tall Stories and all but one of the sings were from the original album and the new one. But he couldn’t leave without showing us why he was hired for his last gig and so gave us Journey’s Stone In Love. Nice stuff.

Danger Danger have also recently (well 4 years ago) been reunited with their original vocalist. I knew I was going to get something good as they impressed me in Sweden the year they got back together. Their high energy cheeky hair metal went down well with the audience especially when vocalist Ted left the stage and roamed around the audience for a song. Very entertaining especially the well known tunes Naught Naughty & Monkey Business. Oh, and for one song they had a surprise guest vocalist which was non other than Paul Laine who played the day before and also used to be in the band for a while. For Monkey Business they were also joined by Tyketto’s Danny Vaughn who was hanging around the stage enjoying the show as much as we were. Brill.

Firehouse have managed to survive from the early 90s to today and sold plenty of albums while doing so. They’re style is a little lighter than the previous band, less energetic. The music still stands up though and CJ Snare has a good high range voice. They started a little late and thus had to shorten their set slightly, but they still played for just over an hour which was the average for most of the bands over the weekend.
Set list:
Rock You Tonight
Lover’s Lane
All She Wrote
Ought To Be A Law
Rock On The Radio
Shake & Tumble
?Turn It On? (sang by the drummer)
Love Of A Lifetime
Reach For The Sky
Don’t Treat Me Bad
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