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I have been mostly going to gigs, the cinema, and the odd doo.

Best CD of recent times purchased
Deadsoul Tribe - A Lullaby For The Devil Austria
Dennis DeYoung - One Hundred Years From Now
Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos
Pink Cream 69 - In10sity
David Readman - David Readman

I couldn’t fully get into their last release but I’m liking Dream Theater Systematic Chaos. Some nice shredding along side some nicer guitaring. A pity I didn’t get to see them perform it live.

Best CD from ages past purchased
AC/DC - High Voltage
AC/DC - Back In Black
Acoustic Ladyland - Last Chance Disco
Bryan Adams - Reckless
Danger Danger - Danger Danger
Robert Downey Jr - The Futurist
The Dream Academy- The Dream Academy / Remembrance Days / A Different Kind of Weather
Firehouse - Firehouse
Mitch Malloy - Mitch Malloy
Phenomena - II: Dream Runner
Tall Stories - Tall Stories
Vinegar Joe - Vinegar Joe
White Sister - White Sister

Phenomena is great as it has 3 top vocalists (Glenn Hughes, John Wetton, Ray Gillan). Mitch Malloy makes nice catchy tunes. But you know what, I think I’ve got a slight crush on the album Robert Downey Jr - The Futurist. Jazzy, bluesy, real.

Best best of CD purchased
Doobie Brothers - Very Best Of
Dream Theater - Greatest Hit (... & 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)
Elvis Presley - 30 Number 1 Hits
Mitch Malloy - The Best Of
Stevie Wonder - The Definitive Collection

The Mitch album contains most of the tracks of his album I have so is also nice, but I’ve got to stick with my faves so Dream Theater - Greatest Hit (... & 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs) gets this one. The tracks I would choose for a DT best might be a little different, but it was still enjoyable to listen to.

Gig of the Month
Billy Ocean
Stevie Wonder
James Blunt
Steve Coogan
Dylan Moran
Musical Box (A Trick Of The Tail)
Firefest - Talon, Loud & Clear, Paul Laine, Valentine, Jeff Scott Soto, Pink Cream 69, Tyketto
Firefest - David Readman, Heat, Rox Diamond, Mitch Malloy, White Sister, Tall Stories, Danger Danger, Firehouse

Firefest was another great experience, even if I was completely knacked for most of it (over 20 hours in all). Picks of the days were Pink Cream 69, Tyketto, White Sister, Danger Danger.

Cinema film of the Month
Eagle Eye was decent big budget stuff, Saw V was less than it’s previous and I hope it perks up in the next installment. Therefore the stylish and violent Mutant Chronicles gets the honour.

Film on TV
Just Friends
Run Fatboy Run
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
I thought Run Fatboy Run was some nice gentle English comedy with a heart.

Rewatched Film on TV

Best DVD bought
Dnevnoi Dozor (Day Watch)

DVD watched
The Bank Job
Laurel & Hardy: Utopia
The Flock
Dirty Love
Daddy Day Camp
Death Race
Death Row
Reno 911!: Miami
As Sharp As Marbles
Voodoo Moon
The Mist
Wind Chill
Zombie Strippers
Lost Boys 2

Top 3
The Bank Job – Criminal Statham and co get into dodgy dealings
The Mist – Based on a Steven King book. Something nasty lurks in the mist, but something more nasty is what humans turn into under pressure.
Death Race – Not a criminal Statham gets framed so he can drive a car while people in other cars die in gruesome ways.

DVD rewatched
30 Days Of Night – One of the best Vampire movies in a while
Iron Man – One of the best Marvel hero movies.

Book read
Life got in the way again.

Book bought
Sean Thomas - Millions of Women Are Waiting to Meet You: A Story of Life, Love and Internet Dating

Top purchase
Vibrating toothbrush
My Halloween(ish) costume :)

November has 14 days at work, 7 gigs, and some fireworks
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