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My TV has had strike number 4 and is therefore now out.
It lasted a while though. I’ve had it 4 and a half years and it was my Dad’s a long time before that. But the single white horizontal line of doom has forced my hand, and so I must buy something 21st century.
But what?
I think it has to be no smaller than 42”, and if I’m to keep with what I’m fond of then it has to be a Panasonic.
There’s one I’m drawn too, but I don’t know if it’s good value or not. Comparing the various ones available it seems that the only difference is the varying contrast ratios. But how important is that? What number is adequate enough?
Sometime between tomorrow and the end of January I shall be with TV.

I have decided to keep a good stock of hair ties on various door knobs around the house. Let’s see if they collect anywhere.

Today I created beefy soy egg rice with veg.

1 more day and the house might just be tidied up enough to my standards :)
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