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Russell Howard

He’s a regular on Mock The Week so I’d got used to his humour and after reading a few live reviews and finding out that the gig was almost sold out (I think I got the last ticket) I thought I should be in for a good comedy gig.
Support came from a Steve Hall who started by getting the audience to shout out their favourite swear word. Suffice to say he was blasted by what he called a wall of c***. He continued for 25 minutes on the subjects of what is acceptable in society and how things always seem to go a little bit wrong for him. He was good too.

After 20 minutes of resting my wary bones it was time for Mr Howard. He spent the first hour+ doing his usual stand up stuff. His style is very boyish in nature and full of youthful enthusiasm. The jokes come from tales from his life, especially his teenage antics or the teenage like antics that some adults can still posses. With comedians you can never be too sure if these stories are 100% real, but for some reason I believe the ones he told, he seems daft enough.
The 20 minute encore involved Russell answering questions from the audience, but in a comical way of course and with a little help from Steve the support act. One young lady asked for a hug and she was allowed to get onto the stage and give him a hug as long as she let Steve lick her face.

I now understand why he’s a big hit, especially with the teenage audience, and why he’s been able to add extra dates next year to some of the venues already played.
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