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Alter Bridge

I thought the support band was going to be the new band from Justin (The Darkness) Hawkins, but it wasn’t.
Instead it was some Glasgow friends of the main act. The 5-piece have now been able to quit their day jobs now that their band are getting some recognition in America.
They are called Logan and they we in their late 20s and were actually pretty good. They had a similar style to the main band and other post grunge melodic hard rock grunge bands nowdays. The musicians and the drummer had short hair and the vocalist had an old fashioned fringe and shoulder length bob :)

I then did some brilliant bit of Sudoko-ing seeming as I was a bit tired before the band who used to be 3/4 of Creed appeared on stage. 4 years ago they ditched their previous singer, got a new one, and changed their name to Alter Bridge.

Their sound still has touches of Creed about it but at times can be a heavier beast. The vocalist has an occasional Chris Cornell factor on the 2 albums but seems to have a slightly different live voice. Still good and powerful enough though.
After 90 minutes of songs (which included a short bit of McCartney’s Blackbird and a solo acoustic song) the power suddenly went out. The sound, the main lights, all dead. The emergency lights came on and some staff with torches began running around the place in an attempt to fix it.
The crowd began chanting the melody of I guess whatever song was last played which eventually led into a chorus of drum solo drum solo drum solo. Sure enough the drummer obliged and gave what I think might be my first in the dark drum solo. Then when some brighter bigger torches were found 2 of the band came on stage and tried to quiet the crowd down. Plenty of shushes later and we could just about here what he was saying. Then as they got briefly into performing an acoustic piece the lights came back on and a few minutes later the band were back to play their 1 last song.

A decent enough gig that managed to keep me awake.
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