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Sensational 60s

Due to work I was a little late getting there, but I think the only thing I missed were about 10-minutes of a young northern comedic compare and 10 minutes of the first of the 3 bands.

The Dreamers
Two of the current members were once with Freddie but now no more, and never again seeming as he died 2 years ago).
They played for about 45 minutes (as did al the bands) and I manged to see them them perform their 60s hits If You Gotta Make A Fool of Somebody, I’m Telling You Now,
You Were Made For Me and ending with Shakin’ All Over. But the best bit was when Ray Martin the young(er then the others) long haired drummer did a solo/duo (Mad Russian??) which involved the other 3 members sitting on metal bins wearing hard hats. The hats were drummed on and then the bins got a beating. The bassists/vocalist then joined in with some drumming of his own before they both ended up on the same kit together.
They were a lot more entertaining than I thought they would be.

The old crowd returned after the break to a round of jokes from the compare before he announced the entrance of the Scots

Only original bassist Graham Night remains, but vocalist Sandy Newman has been with them since the 70s.
They are most famous for performing covers and putting their own mark on them. Even though the songs are from the 60s they made them sound fresh.
Songs included It’s The Loving Things You Do, Wait For Me Mary-Anne, Cousin Norman, Rainbow, Tambourine Man, Just Like A Woman, Crying Over You, The Dancer, and Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da.
Good stuff.

The compare then returned to keep the audience alive and awake while the stage was set up for a band who were signed about the same time as The Beatles and were called

The Tremeloes
They remarkably still have 2 original members these being drummer (and plenty of vocals) Dave Munden and guitarist Ricky Westwood. 3 of the members even wore leather trousers.
They had a bit more of a heavier sound than the other bands but still with a 60s feeling.
Here Comes My Baby, (Call Me) Number One, Helule Helule, Do You Love Me? (which got everybody on their feet), Angel Of The Morning (nice), Twist And Shout (more dancing grannies), Silence Is Golden (3 voices and one guitar, very nice), and Even the Bad Times Are Good.

Then all 12 musicians plus the compare were all up on the stage sharing vocals and solos for a medley of classic tunes which included Whole Lotta Shakin’ and Johnny B Goode.

I might have been mightily tired (although I did get an extra hour in bed before work due to oversleeping. Oops!) but it was good to see these bands still going at it. I wonder if there are still some more left for me next year.
Toe tapping pleasant rocking and a rolling twisting grooving 60s classic fabness.
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