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Friday +

Friday was a cinema day.

First up was Zack & Miri Make A Porno. Which I was firstly interested in due to it starring Josh Rogan (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad) and Elizibeth Banks (Scrubs). Then I found out it was written and directed by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob) and also starring 2 of his regular cast (Jason (Jay) Mewes and Jeff (Randal) Anderson) and definitely had to go.
On imdb it’s scoring 8 out of 10 an I think that’s a fair assessment. As with other Kevin Smith films there’s a certain amount of geekiness about it along with plenty of crude moments, but with a bit of heart thrown in too. Perhaps the best mix of each but still gets an 18 certificate due to some of the nudity and more probably the language.
I found myself chuckling quite a bit and being pleased that there was the necessary Star Wars bit in it.
A good cast, good writing and a feel good movie with a touch of naughtiness about it. Make sure you stay for the extra scene.

Then I went to see Max Pane because the trailer looked good and it was based on a violent computer game. I probably should have taken heed of the reviews as while there were some nice bits the whoel thing seemed generally mish-mashed and somewhat predictable. I would have liked to see more use of Olga (Quantaum Of Solace) Kurylenko & Mila (Family Guy) Kunis.

After a busy week I’m just about caught up with me telly programmes and those American ‘shows’ that only take a few days to get to us lowly cousins nowdays.

I also tried to buy a TV/stand/DVD combo but it turns out that the TV I selected from the website is no longer in stock and won’t be coming into stock anytime soon. After speaking to the stock controller guy I’ve come up with an alternative combo that should actually do me just as well, even better in a way of it all works out.
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