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The Tangent - Not As Good As The Book - 4th album featuring 90 minutes of prog from members of English band Parallel or 90 Degrees & Swedish band The Flower Kings. Includes 2 20-minute songs. It also contains a short book written by Mr Tillison.
Tesla – Forever More - The first proper album in 4 years from the hard melodic rocking Californians.
Thought Chamber – Angular Perceptions - Prog metal featuring the vocals of Ted Leonard (Enchant).
Thunder - Bang - 9th from the pride of England
Timo Tolkki – Saana: Warrior Of Light Part 1 : Journey To Crystal Island - Solo album from the Finnish guitarist. Featuring 3 female vocalists (and a dude).
To-Mera - Transcendental - 2006
To-Mera - Delusions - 2007 UK prog metal band with a lovely lady vocalist from Hungary.
Various – Seventies Power Ballads - 3 CDs of shameless goodness.
The Raconteurs – Broken Boy Soldiers - 2006
The Raconteurs - Consolers Of The Lonely - 2008 Jack Whites proper other band.
Revolution Renaissance - New Era - Timo Tolkki band project with vocals from Michael Kiske & Tobias Sammet.
Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader - Ex-Manowar guitarists album.
Uli Jon Roth - Under A Dark Sky - Ex-Scorpions hippy guitarist. With vocals from Marc Boals.
RPWL - The RPWL Experience - New one from the German band influenced by Pink Floyd.
Rush - Snakes And Arrows: Live - Yey!
The Rutles – Archaeology - Eric Idle and Neil Innes parody band, this one without Idle.

Sean Thomas - Millions of Women Are Waiting to Meet You: A Story of Life, Love and Internet Dating

Rocketman - A childish movie about an idiot who gets to go into space.

And some other stuff
Alter Bridge – One Day Remains - 04
Alter Bridge – Blackbird - 07 – The band that emerged from the ashes of Creed.
Freddie & The Dreamers – The Best Of - 60s band famous for You Were Made For Me.
Marillion – Happiness Is The Road: Vol.1: Essence
Marillion – Happiness Is The Road: Vol.2: The Hard Shoulder - 15th album
Extreme – Extreme - 89
Extreme – Pornograffitti - 90
Extreme – Waiting For The Punchline - 95
Extreme – Saudades De Rock - 08 - Back after 13 years
Vince Neil – Carved In Stone - 95
Tremeloes – The Complete Collection - 60s band famous for Silence Is Golden.
The Zutons – You Can Do Anything - 08
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