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The Zutons

2 years had passed so it was time to go and see The Zutons. But they weren’t playing Nottingham so I had to look elsewhere. They were playing Derby which is very close by but at a venue I hadn’t been to before (The Assembly Rooms) so was bound to be a mini adventure.

I tried to get into the car park right next to the venue but it was full up. So I drove round for a little bit (including into a dead end) and eventually found something nearby. It wasn’t a cheapo one as I had hoped but a really special one with gates that open when you press for a ticket and an outside door that only opens if when you insert your ticket. In addition to this security there are also sensors under your car that you arm once you’ve parked. This all costs a little more (but no more than some normal car parks I’ve been in) especially if you find yourself getting back 10 minutes after the next price jump due to getting some chips to celebrate a good gig.

The first support band was The 16 Tons. 3 guys from Liverpool who first sounded a little Bob Dylan folk and then over their 20 minutes also found themselves in country and rockabilly territory. Not bad.

Then it was The Red Walls from Chicago. I had already researched these 4 guys so knew to expect some catchy tunes that seem to have a melodic Beatles influence and some guitaring that sometimes reminded me of The Smiths but with added Hives. An enjoyable 35 mins.

The set up at The Assembly Room was good so 20 minutes later the backdrop was revealed and a large Z flashed at the back of the stage. On walked The Zutons and Zuton Fever began. Most of the perverts were hanging around the right hand side as along the front of the stage were the new guitarist Paul, vocalist/guitarist Dave and the lovely legged Abi Harding on saxophone and backing vocals. Then along the back the other way were Bassist Russell, drummer Sean, and a new addition to the band a tall ginger speccy bloke who added a larger saxophone, some percussion, and some flute for Dirty Rat.
A good heap of the songs came from the new 3rd album with an equal amount from the first and scatterings of the 2nd. Each song sounded like it could have come from any of the albums though as they haven’t changed much over the years but still manage to create new songs that stand up with the others such as Harder & Harder, Give Me A Reason, What’s Your Problem, Always Right Behind You. These stood up well with the classics of Pressure Point, Why Wont You Give Me Your Love, You Will You Wont and most peoples favourite Valerie.
Half way though there was an acoustic bit for Put A Little Aside with just Dave and Abi and Remember Me which added Paul into the mix.
Ending the 90+ minutes was Zutonkhaarmuun which started with an Egyptian theme and ended with an all in bash plenty of drums session.
The sound seemed good and from my side position on the right I could get a good view of everyone. I’ll definitely try and see them again in another 2 years if I can.
Now that I know it’s easy to get to the venue and the facilities are good (they even had free water near the front) I shall be keeping an eye on who is appearing there.
A good night (followed by 6 hours of work).

Set list:
Zuton Fever
Harder & Harder
Pressure Point
Why Wont You Give Me Your Love
Dirty Rat
Dirty Dancehall
Give Me A Reason
Put A Little Aside (Acoustic Dave And Abi)
Remember Me (Acoustic Dave, Abi And Paul)
Little Red Door
Don't Ever Think Too Much
Hello Conscience
Whats Your Problem
Always Right Behind You
You Will You Wont
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