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The car park was full so I had to use the more expensive further away alternative option, but there was still some time to play Suduko as the Marillion guys didn’t come on until 20:33 (which is earlier than a usual band, but I knew they weren’t usual).

Their latest album (Happiness Is The Road) comes in 2 separate CDs much like GnR’s Use Your Illusion and I think both were delved into during the 2 hours 15minutes that the band were on stage for. They are nice albums and mostly fairly mellow and were much the same live. The trouble with Marillion gigs is you have to be in the right frame of mind and be able to take in the lengthy sounds. Mostly I was in the zone but sometimes I slipped out and had to wait for a catchy hook to bring me back.
The views were quite good too. The band apart from h didn’t move much but Marks keyboards were raised high and every so often instead of pre recorded footage the view on the back screen would be from one of the small on stage cameras, one was even pointed at the audience near the end.

It’s currently tough to know what songs they played last night as the title doesn’t always match with what vocalist h is singing about. But I did figure out that they played Dreamy Street, Woke Up, The Man From The Planet Marzipan, Asylum Satellite #1, Thunder Fly and Happiness Is The Road from those albums. Then scattering from other albums that included The Great Escape (Brave), Afraid Of Sunlight (same), The Invisible Man (Marbles), Between You And Me (Anoraknophobia), Three Minute Boy (Radiation) which was dedicated to Robbie Williams and any other disappearing pop act which the crowd shouted out to much hilarity.

It was a long gig and at times I did waver. But on the whole Marillion can give you a lift of music on music on cloudy soundscapes.

Set list:
Will appear here as soon as it appears on the Marillion website as they have set lists on there from every single gig they’ve done.
Dreamy Street
This Train Is My Life
The Other Half
Nothing Fills The Hole
Woke Up
Fantastic Place
Out Of This World
The Great Escape
Afraid Of Sunlight
The Man From The Planet Marzipan
Asylum Satellite #1
The Invisible Man
Whatever Is Wrong With You
Three Minute Boy
Happiness Is The Road
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