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Jimmy Carr

A lot of people don’t like Jimmy Carr. They think he’s a bit smarmy. It’s true that he can lack some of the personal charm that other comedians have, and not every joke hits home. But I do admire his wordsmithness. He even told a 4 word joke, a 3 word joke and a 2 word joke. All part of his self given title of joke Technician.

He had some set pieces which involved a continuous run of jokes about certain topics. But between these he would welcome any hecklers or questions from the audience which he responded to with a quick wit.

For the encore he told the most offensive jokes he knows. Starting with the least offensive offensive and ending with something very offensive. It’s a good job that everyone there had paid to see him and new what he was like.

It might not have been a night of guffawing but there were plenty of highly amusing gags scattered over the impressive run time of 2 hours 15 minutes.
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