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SRF 2009 update

My 4-day ticket has been bought and the first 22 bands announced.

TORCH - (S) - FWoSHM - First Wave of Swedish Heavy Metal.
STORMZONE - (UK) - Irish rock band. Played Firefest last year. Not bad.
ENFORCER - (S) - Swedish metal with a touch of old old old Iron Maiden about them.
SEVENTH WONDER - (S) - Swedish progressive metal band. Fast paced, guitar driven instrumental passages with symphonic style vocal melodies. 3 albums to buy.
THE OUTLAWS - (US) - Southern rock band formed in Florida. Been making albums since 1975. Looks like the drummer, vocalist and guitarist have been around a while but the others are new.
URIAH HEEP - (UK) - I haven’t seen this classic rock UK band in a while so it will be nice, although 2 ex-members were at SRF this year. I better buy their 21st album (1st in 10 years) in prep.

BULLET - (S) - Swedish rock band.
THE TUBES - (US) - Wiki says - San Francisco-based rock band, which was popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and was known for its live performances that combined lewd quasi-pornography and wild satires of media, consumerism and politics. Known for the song White Punks on Dope.
SOILWORK - (S) - Swedish melodic death metal band.
FORBIDDEN - (US) - 80s/90s thrash metal band from San Francisco.
RIOT - (US) - 70s/80s heavy metal band formed in New York City.
EUROPE - (S) Swedish rock band featuring vocalist Joey Tempest and guitarist John Norum. Maybe this time I’ll get to hear The Final Countdown, probably not though :/

AMON AMARTH - (S) - Viking-themed melodic death metal band from Sweden.
HAMMERFALL - (S) - Heavy power metal band from Sweden.
BLACKFOOT - (US) - Another 70s Southern rock band from Florida.
MARILLION - (UK) - English progressive lot who I saw just a week ago.
LITA FORD - (US) - The blonde MILF guitarist who used to be the blonde chick guitarist in The Runaways.

IN FLAMES - S – Swedish melodic death metal.
MOTORHEAD - (UK) – Every 2 years they return.
FOREIGNER - (US) – I missed them due to a clash so am looking forward to these guys. Brilliant.
DREAM THEATER - (US) – Just weeks back I was saying it as a shame I wouldn’t see the current album played live. Now I’ll get a chance to see one of my fave progressive metal bands again.
HEAVEN & HELL - (UK) – Black Sabbath with Dio on vocals returns. Maybe they’ve got round to recording the new album.

193 days to go :)
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