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Posted 2 days after the event due to excessive work.

It was a special event so a trip to another venue I’ve not been to before in Birmingham was planned. I left early so that with my Tom-tom to guide me I could get into the closest car park with no trouble. But when I got there it was already full, indicated by a fence across the entrance. Although I didn’t understand this as a sign that it was full and nearly ended up driving up the out way. So I did a few loop the loops and found myself at a car park which turned out to back onto the very road I was after. Result.

The Carling Academy, smells. The floor is sticky too. Kinda reminds me of Rock City :)
The small tub of Pringles were expensive but the standing area was large and made for good viewing and sound.

First up were a band called The Duvals. They consisted of a vocalist, drummer and guitarist plus someone pressing a button for the synth stuff which made it all sound a bit Gary Newmany but heavier. A not bad 20 mins.

It was then time for the return of ex-The Darkness mainman Justin Hawkins. His new band Hot Leg has him wearing a lot less spandex and a lot less flamboyance. Although his band are still dressed as rock stars with bandanas and do the classic moves. The humour is still there too. The songs didn’t seem as instantly catchy but I think once the album comes out will probably grow on me. The played 40-mins of good classic rock and warmed the crowd up well.

Extreme exploded onto the stage with Comfortably Dumb from their new album. Guitarist Nuno looks the same but with shorter hair, bassist Pat has darker and short hair, singer Gary now has short blonde hair, and the drummer is a completely different person altogether.
They continued for a few upbeat songs from their 2nd and 3rd albums (Decadence Dance, Rest In Peace, It's A Monster) before returning again to the new one with Star. They were on great form for these with lots of energy from all the band, especially Gary who roamed the stage.
The next track brought things down a little but not for long as the next 10 minutes was filled with a medley of songs from the 1st album (including Kid Ego & Little Girls) and ending with the full version of Play With Me (which always reminds me of Bill & Ted).
After that extra flurry of excitement the band calmed down again for an instrumental piece and their famous very nice soft lovey-dovey ballad More Than Words which the crowd sang most of.
The songs then got rapidly faster and included a couple more new ones (one on piano) before a fast effect filled solo from Nuno and the other famous tune Get The Funk Out.
The last big electric song was the mini epic Am I Ever Gonna Change? Ending the show they got out the acoustics again for a crowd singalong of Hole Hearted. It was a very nice way to end what had been 2 hours of great music from guys who are often underappreciated.
I would have liked a bit more from the 3rd album but the mix of a third from the new, a third from the 2nd, and a mix of the rest was pretty good.

I hope it doesn’t take them too long return and I hope it’s somewhere closer as that car park cost over £9 for under 5 hours :o

Set list:
Comfortably Dumb
Decadence Dance
Rest In Peace
It's A Monster
Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Medley(inc Kid Ego, Little Girls)
Play With Me
Midnight Express
More Than Words
Cupid's Dead
Take Us Alive
Flight Of The Wounded Bumblebee
Get The Funk Out
Am I Ever Gonna Change?
Hole Hearted
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