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Plug in baby

The message read ‘Your product will be delivered on Wednesday 26th November between 07:15 and 11:15’. So I woke at 07:15 (way too early for a non work day) and cleared a space for the delivery of my new 42” TV and stand.
They arrived at 11:25. Sometime after that I had half made the TV stand.
After the big package arrived I also took delivery of my new DVD player/recorder with a 250GB hard drive and space to record some music CDs onto it. It arrived at 14:40.

At 17:00 I arrived back from buying a Wii from xuli_suicide (thanks). It’s got some games with it that includes shooting zombies in the head (which I used to enjoy in the old zombie hunting days) :)

At 18:37 I found out that my light saber is good for pressing the heating button when packaging blocks my way.

As soon as I find a sidekick to help me complete my stand, telly, DVD player and Wii will be set up. Until then I’m still stuck with half a livingroom and the tiny tiny telly on the floor.
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