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Yesterday after my breakfast omelette I went to the cinema to see Quarantine. The main reason to watch it was that it is an 18 certificate film with rabid zombie type people. It’s a remake of Spanish film [Rec] and stars Jennifer Carpenter who is probably best known for her role in Dexter.
The whole thing is told through the lens of a single camera and follows Jennifer’s TV reporter character in the quarantined apartment building.
I was worried that it might be a bit too shakycam, but on the whole the direction was good and there weren’t too many sea sock moments. The action gradually built up to a flurry of violence and a very tense ending.
I was wide eyed throughout and probably grimaced at the horror a few times. I liked it and will have to watch the original sometime for comparison.

Hours later and a mate kindly agreed to help me set up my new equipment. The stand was easy to assemble and once completed easy to manoeuvre. Some cables were then made ready and the telly lifted and lowered onto the stand. I pronounced the telly on and marvelled at the big picture.
I wasn’t sure if it had freeview so was pleasantly surprised when I found out that it did. This might possibly make my life a little easier on occasions.
My DVD player might come in handy too. It can of course play DVDs, but it can also record things from offa the telly. This along with my Sky+ might mean I could record 3 things at once. I need to experiment with the other possibilities of copying things from the Sky box to the DVD and then onto disc for keeps.
It can also allegedly play JPEG, MP3 and DivX files. I shall try this on both disc and the USB slot.
One thing I know it can do is copy a few hundred music CDs onto its drive. I’ve tried this with a Yes album and it was very exciting (although I’m thinking it might not have a screen saver) :) Now I have to figure out which few hundred to copy.
One thing I’m not sure about is that I’m sure there’s a way to use the DVD TV guide to navigate the telly channels, but it doesn’t seem to work :/ No real big deal though.

The Wii is also set up. I killed some zombies last night (and some humans) then played a bit of golf before bed :)
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