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Steel City Tour

Sheffield, the 1980s. 3 bands were formed and had success through the decade.
Nottingham, last night. The bands team up for a night of electro pop.

The ticket said it was due to start at 18:30. I got there slightly after and found out the first band was on an hour after that. Then between each act there were 2 30 minute breaks. I could have watched a film with all that down time. I got some sudoko in instead though.

Heaven 17
I’m not sure if the other 2 are still in the band but vocalist Glenn Gregory once under bright blonde hair and now wears a hat, so is probably bald.
The band were very electronic. The drums looked like they could be folded away and the keyboard player was very still. But they did have a real guitar player. The only song I recognized was Temptation. Their 40 minutes was still interesting though.
Fascist Groove Thang, Crushed By the Wheels of Industry, Geisha Boys and Temple Girls, Come Live With Me, Let Me Go, Play To Win, Temptation.

I last saw Martin Fry and his gang play a very brief set at the arena as part of a big retro event. This time they did 40 minutes and added other tracks to the classics of Poison Arrow, All of My Heart, When Smokey Sings and The Look of Love. They were more real than the other band due to having an actual real life drum kit and a lady on percussion and backing vocals.
Martin is still very suave and dapper and got most of the crowd up on their feet.
The Very First Time, Poison Arrow, Show Me, S.O.S., Date Stamp, Ride?, Love Is Strong?, All of My Heart, Tears Are Not Enough, When Smokey Sings, The Look of Love.

The Human League
I saw them do a full set at Rock City 5 years ago and was impressed enough to see them this time, although the addition of the other bands helped get me to the sold out gig too.
Making use of the bigger space the stage was set out in white with stairs leading to a raised platform at the back which was where the electronic drummer, keyboardist and man in charge of the computer who occasionally hit something with a stick lived. There was also another guy who would roamed the upper and lower decks playing an electro guitar and quite often a keytar.
Above and below the balcony was a big digital display adding the colour that was missing.
Phil Oakey once a master of the influencal hairdo is now also bald, but he doesn’t wear a hat. His 2 lady backing vocalists are now getting on a bit but still manage to get a few of the achy jointed fellas hearts racing in a MILFy type way. The blonde one was almost flashing her knickers in one outfit and the dark haired one showed off her boobage.
But it was the music that most were there for and they played a good collection of classics over their 60 minute minutes.
Faves for me were starters of Mirror Man, Open Your Heart, Love Action and the closers of Fascination, Tell Me When, Don’t You Want Me and Together In Electric Dreams.
Mirror Man
Open Your Heart
Love Action
Empire State
The Lebanon
Sound Of The Crowd
Tell Me When
Don’t you Want Me
Together In Electric Dreams
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