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SRF update

The Rock Stage sound system will be upgraded to Festival Stage standards, the number of water closets on the festival ground will be increased by 50 percent. – I guess that’s the polite way to say that there will be more portaloos. But as portaloos go Swedish ones are the cleanest I’ve ever seen.
JOHNNY WINTER BAND (US) Music history's most famous albino (apart from his brother Edgar).
H.E.A.T. (S) Young Swedish band with a classic AOR sound.
ERIC SARDINAS (US) Swamp blues-rock guitarist.
THE CHAIR (S/US) American singer and four Swedish musicians who sounds like classic hard rock did in the early 70s.
VOLBEAT (DK) Danish band labeled as Elvis meets Metallica.

My flights have been booked and there are 172 days to go :)
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