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I spent the first 6 hours of work today doing not much more than playing games on the internet ( and looking at pictures of famous women on allowed websites.
So I thought that while waiting for one of our lot to bring me my KFC dinner (that canteen was shut) I should probably write something for this ‘ere thing.

New Years Eve was enjoyable this year. I drove to a mate’s house where I spent 8 hours mostly either watching or playing Guitar Hero on the X-Box. The theme for the night was rock so some donned fake hair but I just went as myself with a straw cowboy hat and mirrored sunglasses.
What with getting to bed at 5 am on new years day I found it tough to get to sleep last night, even with me doing a bit of house tidying during the day.

Soooo, the usual thing to do are resolutions and that kind of lark. This tie of going with that kind of lark. A proposed plan of actions and aims.
It’s ok to leave food and throw it away.
A handful is enough (of food, anything else is debatable ;)).
Exercise will be done.
Put things were they should be as soon as you can.
Read more than 1 book.
Find a psychologically damaged woman to occupy ones time with, or at least see a couple of naked women (not necessarily at the same time).
Retrain the brain.
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