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Yes Man

After working the weekend I spent Monday watching telly and occasionally tidying the house, the upstairs bits at least. I’ve still got my Crimbo pressies in bags in my living room.

Tuesday the plan was to press play on a Sky+ recording (a very long Brad Pitt film) and record on my DVD HDD, and while that was doing its thing go to the cinema. Except my Sky+ box had a wobbly and I thought I wouldn’t get it rebooted in time. I was about to give up on going out when it kicked back into life and I went to see a film.

Yes Man is based on an idea Danny Wallace once had (which he wrote a book about) where he decided to start saying yes to things he wouldn’t normally. Of course this being a Jim Carrey film things are more in the unreality camp and some daft faces are pulled. But it’s not a serious biopic so that’s ok. In fact with the help of the lovely Zooey Deschanel it had a nice feeling about it. There weren’t any absolutely hilarious scenes but there were plenty of chucklesome moments, but still with this kind of niceness about it all.
I didn’t leave the cinema with a feeling of wanting to try 100 different new things, but the feelgood factor might just inspire viewers to be a little more positive.

Wednesday and today were spent at work. Nothing big was going off but I did feel like having a nice rest before the weekend’s events.


Merry Elvismas


Doooomed, we’re all dooooomed - Or not, but then you never know. I guess I should look at saving these posts in case the Russians wipe us out. If I win the lotto then I’ll see if I’ve enough dosh spare to become the new Brad Fitz (or Frank) :)
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