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The Mighty Boosh

It took me a little time to get into the first series but I loved the second one along with the theatre sized venues tour they did. The 3rd series had its moments but was sometimes a bit hit and miss. But I like the Boosh brand so had to see them at the arena.
Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding are now comedy’s equivalent of pop stars, especially Noel with his uber-cool ways. So now they can fill arenas and spend money on bizarre props and a team to make sure us half way down the arena can see what they are doing on the big screens either side of the stage.

Oddly enough one of the funniest moments came before the start. Many people in the crowd had dressed up as their favourite characters and the cameras tracked them down and showed them on the screens for which they received rapturous applause. But the best people shown were the ones that didn’t realize they were being filmed until someone nudged them (including one of the sound guys), and the ones that did something amusing like the blowjob mime man and the eating chocolate not eating chocolate eating chocolate not eating chocolate man. Hilarious.

The first half of the show mainly consisted of the 2 guys playing their Howard Moon & Vince Noir characters chatting to each other occasionally trading humorous insults. This was done in front of the curtain as was Rich Fulcher’s character Bob Fossil leading a work out dance routine (lick the lips, touch those nips) which got most of the crowd on their feet.
The curtains were opened for some of the other characters which included Naboo and Bolo the gorilla being hiphop, the crack addict fox playing his guitar with his syringe fingers, Tony Harrison (the pink 8 tentacled detached head) presenting Rich’s Lithuanian stand up (DVD, DVD, Jumanji) and having a fight with Bolo, the moon singing a song and The Hitcher singing the Eels songs with his Ungrateful Dead band while climbing on top of a giant eel.

After the break it was time for Howard’s play based on a post-apocalyptic future that featured mutants who spoke like James Mason. But as it was all getting a bit too bleak Vince hijacked the play making the future bright and sparkly, and with a robot (Rob) who had a metal penis that erected and when swayed about caused Vince’s future man wings to waft.
Near the end a giant Honey Monster was punished for stealing the guys crimping style for a recent Sugar Puffs advert. The big yellow-furred breakfast seller was decapitated by Vince’s giant hair dryer and his head placed on a pole where it received some special loving from Tony Harrison.

The band were back to end the night of craziness. They performed a few songs including I Did A Shit.

The whole thing was as always very surreal and quirky and there were still plenty of funny moments to make it all worth while and memorable.
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