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Mick Pointer & Friends

Script for a Jester's Tour

1983 – After help to form Marillion drummer Mick Pointer and the other guys released the album Script for a Jester's Tear and a few singles that weren’t on the album. They helped breath new life into progressive rock and became very popular. But before that Mick left and is now cashing in celebrating the 25th (+1) year of the songs he drumdid on.

Helping him out were a gang of talented musicians who are well known in UK prog circles. These were Nick Barrett (Pendragon) on guitar, Mike Varty (Credo/Landmarq) on keyboards, Ian Salmon (Arena) on bass, and front centre was Brian Cummins Carpet Crawlers who I presume is a Genesis tribute band. I can see why he makes a good Fish as Marillion were influenced by Genesis a great deal on the first album.

The instrument players of the band appeared as themselves but Brian went a step further and wore costume, makeup and hair similar to a younger Fish. He even copied some of the same theatrics that he performed, one which involved him picking a boy out the few and far between not quite a crowd and pretending to punch him on stage. For some of the between song talking parts he put on a Scottish accent, but mostly kept to his natural scouse.

The first 50 minutes or so were filled up with the songs from Script for a Jester's Tear played in the order they appear on the album.
The last 50 minutes were the singles and B-sides which seemed to be perhaps more commercial than the 8-minute album tracks. Among these was the prog epic Grendel clocking in at 19 minutes. It’s probably the only time I’ll ever get to hear it played live, which might just go for all the other songs if the real Fish’s voice doesn’t improve.
They ended with a rocked up version of Loch Lomond including mini solos for everyone.

The guys were all good and proved themselves worthy to be musical Marillion fans. It was an honour to witness this event and while I might not travel far to see them do this again I would certainly give them another viewing if I was free close by. There were even some ladies in the audience, maybe they thought they were going to Dudley Zoo and ended up at JBs by mistake :o

Set list:
Script for a Jester's Tear
He Knows You Know
The Web
Garden Party
Chelsea Monday
Forgotten Sons
Three Boats Down from the Candy
Charting the Single
Market Square Heroes
Loch Lomond
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