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2 years ago I got a horrible horrible bit of a cold which gave me a couple of restless nights with mucusy liquid trying to drown me from inside (it felt like my left lung was a lumpy bag of snot). A few days and a bottle of expectorant sorted me out before I had chance to have any days off work.

Ever since then if I felt under the weather I would feel the slightest of twinges there, or maybe it was just heartburn, or wind.

But now something’s come back. But it’s not liquidy or windy. It’s an occasional twinge, a slightly uncomfortable feeling that makes me pull a face like this :/
Last night I had a dream that I couldn’t breathe and woke up at 4am not not breathing (as that would be bad) but having slightly less breath. At work there have been the odd moments (usually when sitting down) when the discomfort reappeared. If it doesn’t get better in a few days I guess I should probably go see the doc to find out if I have chest problems, muscle trouble, stress, alien experimentation, or I’m just a whinging trainee hypochondriac and need to eat less and exercise more :)
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