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King’s X

Due to lateness and traffic and parking elsewhere and forgetting my phone from the car and twisting my ankle I missed the first support band (Haken) but at least I got to check out their myspace page and take note of them for the future.

The second support came from To-Mera. A UK band that play complex metal with multiple time changes with a female vocalist who sings in the softer slightly operatic style which is quite popular nowdays. They played for about 35 mins which due to the length of their songs meant they played about 5 from their 2 albums. The vocals were good but weren’t always audible and some musical passages seemed a bit mashed, but that could also be a good thing. On the whole they were good to watch and listen to.

King’s X
It was so long ago when I last saw King’s X that I didn’t even have an LJ (BLJ).
Since then they’ve released another 4 albums the latest being XV (the 12th studio album). It’s a good one too. Along with that one I also bought a few more CDs I was missing (Out of the Silent Planet 1988, Dogman 1994, Tape Head 1998, Manic Moonlight 2001).

They started with Groove Machine, probably because it has the word welcome in it, and then continued with a mix of songs spanning most of their albums, about a quarter of which were from XV and blended in well with the others.
Some of my favourite moments were when about halfway through when they played a couple from one of my fave albums, their 4th entitled King’s X. The songs were Lost In Germany and Black Flag.
Then at the end of the main section came two from Gretchen Goes to Nebraska. These were Summerland and Over My Head.
They came back with 2 from another of my faves Faith Hope Love, It's Love and We Were Born To Be Loved.
I thought that this might have been the end but to my surprise they returned with 3 from the first album Out Of The Silent Planet. The first of these was Goldilox which as probably happens most of the time was sung in it’s entirety by the audience. Somehow a few hundred long haired (or balding) Neanderthals can sound very sweet. This time I even joined in a bit after getting to know the song better than last time.

It ended up lasting over an hour and a half and was as good as I would have hoped for. For a trio they create a lot of sound helped immensely by them all having important vocals whether it be the Doug’s main soulful rock and roll Jimi Hendrix style vocals, Ty’s softer vocals, and harmonized vocals from all three. Drummer Jerry even did lead vocals on Julia.
It’s tough to categorize the sound of the band and that’s probably what’s helped them remain afloat for 20 years. It’s sometimes hard hitting, sometimes soft, sometimes soulful, and sometimes heavy, a good mix with strong melodies.
They said they will be back sometime and I will welcome them again now that my liking for them has been rekindled.

Set list:
Groove Machine
What Is This
Lost In Germany
Black Flag
Go Tell Somebody
Looking For Love
Over My Head
It's Love
We Were Born To Be Loved
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