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A casual drive to JB’s in Dudley got me there half way through Eden’s set. Good sounds from the short old looking guitarists and good vocals from the tall short haired guy.

Then it was time for Tyketto. Lead vocalist was with them for their first 2 albums in the early 90s. A few years ago they reunited for a reunion tour and then again in 2007 for what was supposed to be their final time together. But they had such good fun that they came back again last year minus their original guitarist who had other commitments and now are back again with a will to continue in full force with a new guitarist and a keyboard player to flesh out the sound and add backing vocals.

It was my third viewing of the band but I’ve also seen lead vocalist Danny Vaughn a few times without these guys and he never fails to deliver and this time was no different. The band also put in a good show, the new guitarist was bounding around the stage with much gusto.

I hope they do return properly as then I could see them every year or more because every time I see them it leaves me feeling good :)

Set list:
Lay Your Body Down
Rescue Me
Big Wheels
Strength in Numbers
Catch My Fall
End of the Summer Days
Sail Away
Burning Down Inside
Standing Alone
Till the Summer Comes
Nothing but Love
Walk on Fire
Last Sunset
Forever Young
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