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My birthday was a bit more relaxed compared to last year. I woke shortly before midday and opened my few cards and pressies. I got £75, E10, Guns 'N' Roses - Chinese Democracy & Metallica – Death Magnetic.
Then it was down the pub where I was treated to a BBQ chicken melt and a mint ice cream chocolate bombe which was the lovely green stuff in a brown shell and a choc sauce centre which was tough to find as it was smaller than thought, but oh how elated we were when it was discovered :) It was all very nice though, especially washed down with a pint :)

I then went shopping for chicken and beer. The beer was Blue Moon, a Belgian style white beer with a cloudy look and flavoured with coriander and orange peel (you can actually see little bits in it). I first sampled it when last in America and I’m pleased I’ve found it here, even if it’s in 355ml bottles that cost £2.

I spent the evening drinking some of said beer and playing Wii games with a few friends. Just an easy going event.

I completed the night with a few hours of TV to get me into night shift mode ready for tonight’s work.

Oh and a shaved my beard off too :o
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