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I do apologise for not blogging but there has been nothing exciting going on in my life. Although saying that the recent lump of snow tat cam down proved to be amusing. On Thursday I braved the snow in the morning into work. It took a little longer to get there and there were moments when my nervous Ford Fiesta skidded or judded but I made it in ok. After 30 minutes we started to get the calls from the people who start at the normal times, most saying that they wouldn’t be coming in. So it was a bit of an abandoned ship which led to a slow day. But at least unlike that day before when I had forgot it I had my phone to check my favourite websites.

One website which seems to be getting a bit of a boost now is Twitter. I’ve been on it a while now but used it very rarely. But in the past couple of months Twitter found itself snowballing and attracting members of the celebrity world, most noticeably Stephen Fry & Jonathan Ross and now whichever of their friend they can also get on it. In the past couple of weeks most of my friends seemed to have also found themselves on their which means even more reason to keep tabs on it, which I do via a link on my Facebook.
Being an LJer gives me an extra element as I can read other LJers tweets when they get imported onto here. One reason I tend not to tweet so much is that I know they will appear on my LJ and didn’t want to tweet something that I could write about anyway. But now I might change that and begin some proper twittering. It might end up being daily mundane entries, but what might be mundane for one could be interesting for another so I might as well do it for the Bagolgists in years to some :)
I think I’ll start when I find a suitable date this month.
With all the new twitters the site might possibly get a bit stuck now and then. But if it behaves it might become more enjoyable, especially with new ways to manage those you’re following with things like tweetdeck (

Speaking of dates someone recently mailed me from one of the dating websites I’m on. I’m not sure what will become of it as she doesn’t live locally but I think we could at least be friends, and might even find ourselves at the same gigs now and then, even one in Sweden.
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